The Research Department of ALBA plays a central role in promoting academic and artistic excellence, as well as a number of other essential responsibilities related to research and accreditation. Its mission is to encourage and support the research activities of students and teachers, fostering exploration, innovation and the development of new knowledge in the arts. Working closely with internal and external experts, the Research Department facilitates the exchange of ideas, the organization of colloquia, the publication of research work and the implementation of interdisciplinary projects such as with the Centre for Research and Creation (CRC). The main objective of the Research Department is to cultivate a dynamic environment that fosters creativity and encourages the advancement of artistic research. The Research Department maintains a supportive approach for the research courses by providing recommendations and references, and ensures that ALBA's referencing guide is kept up to date. The Research Department proposes specific research criteria to ALBA, for the classification of ALBA teachers with the University. Finally, the Research Department ensures the sustainability of a scientific research review following the peer-review model.



Ricardo Mbarkho, PhD
Head of Research Department
Director of the Centre for Research and Creation


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