In close collaboration with the Studies Department, the Research Department plays a pivotal role in endorsing and strengthening the research courses at the various schools of ALBA by providing valuable recommendations, resources, and guidance tailored to the specific needs of faculty members. Working with the schools' directors and teachers at ALBA, the Research Department ensures that these courses are equipped with the necessary resources and knowledge to enable students to excel in their research endeavours. The department indicates a range of resources, including textbooks, research journals, software programs, and access to databases, to support students in their research projects.

With the continuous support and guidance from the Research Department, faculty members at ALBA have more facilities to excel in their research pursuits and make their meaningful contributions to the respective creative fields at schools. By fostering a culture of research and providing comprehensive resources and mentorship, the Research Department participates to the vital role in nurturing the next generation of scholars and advancing knowledge within the Academy.



Among the courses offered at the Academy are methodology courses, which provide students with the necessary skills and techniques to conduct rigorous methodology for research. These courses cover topics such as research design, data collection methods, data analysis, interpretation, formulation of problematics, and posing hypotheses. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of the research process, starting from identifying research problems and formulating meaningful research questions to developing hypotheses that guide their investigations. These courses equip students with the tools and knowledge necessary to design robust research studies and make evidence-based conclusions. By fostering critical thinking and analytical skills, the methodology courses enable students to approach research with a systematic and scholarly approach, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in their respective theoretical and practical creative fields.



Another important offering by the schools of ALBA is the short thesis follow-up courses designed specifically for Master's degree students. These courses provide personalized mentoring and feedback from the school's tutors, who guide students throughout the research process. Students receive assistance in refining their research questions, designing their methodologies, analysing data, and presenting their findings. This support ensures that students produce high-quality short theses that contribute to the existing body of knowledge in their respective fields.



Furthermore, the schools of ALBA incorporate experimentation studios in various disciplines, providing students with hands-on learning experiences and the opportunity to explore research and creative approaches. These studios serve as dedicated spaces where students can conduct experiments, engage in collaborative projects, and develop innovative ideas. Through these studios, students gain practical skills, cultivate their creativity, and learn to apply research methods in real-world contexts.


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